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Why Should You Join Cobana Energy

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team and contribute to the growth of Cobana Energy.Every teammate is a crucial member and has an important role to play in our goal towards success.Our aim is to provide a comfortable, friendly and happy environment for all employees to work from.

Career Progression

  • We are offering a career with progression opportunity and a great salary. This includes Up-skilling, setting goals and performance reviews to achieve success within the business.

Long-Term Career

  • At Cobana Energy we thrive to promote employees with ambitions to grow and become part of the management. If this is the career path you are looking to achieve then Cobana Energy is the place for you.

Weekly Updates

  • We believe regular feedback and advice to employees is essential to help achieve maximum potential. Updates are provided by team managers on weekly basis.

One-to-One Training

  • One-to-One training sessions are provided to help employees learn and develop all the necessary skills required for the role in order to achieve full potential.

Monthly Reward

  • Regular team lunches and fortnightly team outings with many other small perks such as extended breaks, vouchers & extra hours off are rewarded to our employees for doing a great job.

Team Training Sessions

  • Daily team training sessions are provided to all sales staff. These include numerous activities to help keep training sessions vibrant enviornment.

Job Vacancies

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