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How We Can Offer You Green Energy

We can offer you simple ways to reduce your carbon impact with renewable energy products on behalf of our suppliers. We liaise with suppliers who offer a range of flexible tariffs with renewable energy sources.

100% Renewable Electricity

  • Cobana Energy are committed to improving the environment for everyone and helping our customers do it too! Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their energy is coming from renewable sources at a price they can afford that is also protected from wholesale increases.

Premium Carbon Offsetting

  • You can choose which tariffs suit your needs and ones that you can afford whilst doing your bit for the planet- we'll make going green easy for you.

REGO Renewable Energy

  • We work with suppliers that organise carbon reduction projects around the world.


  • We can help your business upgrade to renewable gas and help you work towards your low carbon goals.

Zero Carbon Electricity

  • We can tailor tariffs that come from renewable sources of electricity.

Net Zero Targets

  • The government has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. Cobana energy can empower business owners to take control of their energy management whilst contributing to the government's targets at the same time.

Smartfix Renewable

  • A renewable proposition which makes it simple for business owners to obtain renewable energy with competitive electricity prices and protection against future wholesales surges for up to 5 years.

Renewable Certificates

  • Cobana Energy's products can enable business owners to help their company become more sustainable, which will help the business save money and become more attractive to clients.

Competitive Contracts

  • We offer fixed products that can protect your business from unexpected wholesale increases for up to 5 years, so you have greater piece of mind knowing that the prices will remain the same.

Bespoke Green Packages

  • We offer packages that will help reduce emissions and decarbonise.

Solar, Wind & Hydro

  • Businesses that switch to renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind power, will gradually see a return on investment, reduced energy bills and less service disruption.

Carbon Credits

  • We'll liaise with the suppliers one-to-one to find a low-carbon tariff that's affordable for you.

What is Renewable Business Energy?

Renewable/Green energy is basically energy that is derived from natural sources such as water, solar and wind rather than fossil fuels. These renewable sources are more abundant in natural supply and have less environmental impact.

  • In contrast to fossil fuels, we have an unlimited supply of renewable energy that is derived from natural sources such as wind and solar power. The production of renewable energy is ethically and morally more sustainable.
  • Business owners also need to work towards government targets to build a more sustainable future.

Cobana Energy can help you seek out the best green electricity tariffs you need at exclusive prices you will not find anywhere else. Contact our energy experts today (Contact Us).