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Why Do I Have to Pay a Security Deposit?

Certain suppliers will require you to pay a security deposit for a couple of reasons.

  • If you have poor credit or a poor credit history, the supplier will require a deposit to make sure that you will pay your bills. As your credit improves, they will return the deposit to you.
  • If your site has a bad history in terms of paying bills, the supplier will also require you to pay a security deposit until they are satisfied that the bills will be paid on time.
What is a Surcharge?

A surcharge is an additional charge for cash and cheque this is dependent on the supplier. It is an industry- standard charge issued by all suppliers.

Therefore, suppliers encourage people to pay by direct debit.

Where Can I Find My Electricity Supply Number?

Your electricity supply number (MPAN) can be found on your bill. It is made up of 13 digits.

Where Do I Find My Meter Serial Number?

Your meter serial number (MSN) can be found on your bill or on the meter itself. It consists of both letters & numbers. It can be up to 18 digits long.

How Long Will It Take to Switch Supplier?

It usually takes between 2-6 weeks for the switch to be completed. This also depends on whether you have cleared any outstanding balance with your current supplier and that your contract has ended or is ending soon.

How Do You Access Exclusive Rates?

We at Cobana make a nominal fee from suppliers by introducing them to new customers. As a result, our suppliers provide us with exclusive bespoke rates that we are proud to offer to you.

How Does Switching Business Energy Supplier

At Cobana Energy we handle the switching process for you, so that it requires no work from your end. It only takes a couple of minutes of your time.

I Trust My Current Broker.
Why Should I Get A Quote From Cobana Energy?

We are pleased to know that you have a broker, but a second opinion is always valuable to ensure the rates that you are being offered are genuine.

My Contracts All End on Different Dates. Is There
Anything That Can be Done with This?

Yes of course there is, just get in touch with our experts at Cobana Energy to align your contract end dates.

My Account is Registered as a Sole Trader.
Last Month I Became A Limited Company, But I
Haven't Informed My Supplier Yet. What Do I Do?

You can inform your current supplier that your business name has changed and then do the contract once this has been completed.
Alternatively, you can get into contact with Cobana who will guide you through the process.

What is an AMR Device?

AMR stands for Automated Meter Reading device. An AMR meter works by creating a connection channel between a business customer and its energy supplier. This ensures accurate billing and allows the customer to analyse their energy usage data.

What is a Half Hourly Meter?

Half hourly meters measure your electricity usage every 30 minutes. These are typically used for larger supplies to achieve a more accurate measurement of consumption.

Why Are My Bills Still Estimated?

There are two reasons why you may have received an estimated bill:

  • If you have recently had an AMR device installed, it may take some time for the supplier to update your bills so that they are calculated accordingly to the actual meter readings.
  • The supplier may have been unable to take the readings from your AMR device because of a signal problem. If you contact your current supplier, they should be able to resolve the issue.
  • The customer doesn't have a smart meter and is not providing readings to the supplier.
Why Not Go To The Supplier Directly?

As a consultancy, Cobana Energy can help you explore the energy market and provide you with more options to choose from. Accessing a consultant's knowledge of the sector will help ensure that your business energy is tied-in safely. Get in touch with our experts at Cobana Energy for their professional advice.

What is the VAT Rate Charge for a Landlord Supply?

Your landlord can only charge you for:

  • The units of energy you have used (for example, the kilowatt hours you've used for electricity)
  • Your share of the standing charge (a fixed fee charged on every energy contract)
  • The VAT owed (5% for energy)
What Information Do I Need to Generate a Quote?

For an electricity quote, we require the top line, the MPAN, your current contract end date and the EAC (Estimated annual consumption)
For a gas quote, we will need the MPRN, the post code, your current contract end date and the AQ. (Annual quantity)

We will also require the current supplier and supplier number.

How Long Will It Take to Install a Smart Meter?

The supplier will contact you once your contract has gone live, each supplier has a different installation time for the smart meters.

What is the Benefit of Renewing So Early?

Energy prices are increasing all the time. By renewing early, you will be securing the cheaper rates in advance.

Are There Any Other Hidden Fees?

There are extra fees that are exclusive to the fixed rates. VAT and CCL are also payable in addition with any green deal charges applicable to your site e.g. 5% CCL is added to the bill but not to the rates.

What is the Benefit of a Long-Term Contract?

By agreeing a long-term contract, you effectively secure the rates for the fixed period, and you will not be affected by the annual price increase.

Are My Prices Fixed For The Entire Duration Of The
Contract Or Can They Change 6 Months In?

The rates you are offered are fixed for the duration of the contract and will not change until your agreed contract needs to be renewed.

What Are Default/Deemed Rates and How Much
Higher are They Compared to My Rates?

Default rates are rates that are given to you if you have not agreed a contract with your current supplier.

Why Do We Need an LOA?
Why Do I Need to Sign a LOA?

An LOA is a letter of authority and is required as authorisation to switch your supply. Signing this will allow us to move your supply over on your behalf.

What is Climate Change Levy?

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a charge set by the government that was set under the Finance Act 2000.

Why Should I Switch?

You should switch because if you are an existing customer, the rates your current supplier will offer "as renewal rates" will be higher than the rates for a new customer coming to a different supplier.

Many other suppliers have cheaper rates because they are not part of the Big Six.

What is a Cooling-Off Period?

A cooling off period is an amount of time in which you would be allowed to change your mind on a contract you have agreed. This is subject to the supplier.

What is a Green Deal Plan?

It is a Government Scheme that was introduced to give tenants and homeowners the chance to pay for improvements on their homes or businesses using the savings made on their energy bills. It will be repaid back through their energy supplier.

I Want a Supplier That Offers Renewable Energy.
Does My Current Supplier Offer This?

We offer renewable energy products on behalf of Scottish Power,British Gas,SSE,Smartest Energy and many more suppliers who can offer up to 100% renewable electricity subject to conditions.