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Your Business Savings Are Our Speciality

Whether your business is mid-market, SME or corporate, it is our pledge to give customers the best options to save money with an alternative supplier. We give the best comprehensive solutions possible, carefully examining all your needs to switch to the most relevant suppliers at no charge to yourself. Why not compare prices with us at Cobana Energy today and let us get you a cheaper deal sooner rather than later?

Pre-sales Support

  • We will send you prices to choose from with full transparency. We will negotiate the contract for you on your behalf and try to get the best rate available. We prepare the contract for you and ensure all details are accurate.

Bespoke Energy Contracts

  • Want prices that are more tailored for your specific business needs? Does your energy consumption fluctuate? We'll gain a thorough understanding of your business energy requirements and negotiate a personalised deal specific to your business.

Advanced CRM Portal

  • Input your details into our website and our CRM portal will show you what options are available.

Access To The Latest, Live Rates

  • Energy prices are constantly fluctuating. Use the quote tool on our website to show you the most up-to-date market prices.

Account Management

  • If you have any queries regarding your site or if you have not heard from a supplier, get in touch with us and we will resolve the issue with the supplier for you. We offer one-to- one support with your contract and keep you fully up to date.

Bill Validation

  • We'll make sure that you only pay for what you use at the rates that were agreed with the supplier. It is easy for mistakes to be made with estimate billing and incorrect contract charges. However,you can trust Cobana Energy to guarantee that you are being charged accurately and receive all your contracted benefits.

Account Disputes

  • Not heard from your supplier? Unsure about your bill? We'll liaise with supplier to ensure that all queries are resolved. We monitor the sites regularly to make sure that everything is in order.

Post-sales Support

  • Customer service is at the core of what we do. Our customers are supported both before and after they agree a contract. After a contract has been agreed you'll receive a welcome letter and a welcome call about your contract.


  • Want to renew with your current supplier? No problem! We'll try to get a better deal for you and we will advise you when your current contract is ending so that you can get the best deals in advance with no rush.

If I Do Not Change My Current Supplier?

Once your contract with your current supplier has ended, you may be moved onto a flexible contract or rolled over to their standard variable rates. These tend to be more expensive. On average customers will be paying up to 40% higher than what they should be.

Why You Can Rely On Cobana Energy

We are aware that the energy industry has a reputation for being pressurised, competitive and unregulated. Which is why our customers enjoy clarity knowing they are offered competitive rates from a reputable and knowledgeable consultancy.

Our consultants at Cobana Energy enjoy representing the UK's leading energy suppliers. These include British Gas, EDF, Gazprom, YGP, Scottish Power and many more. This close relationship with the suppliers enables us to access exclusive bespoke prices to maximise your business savings.You can choose from a range of competitive energy packages from 20+ suppliers, tailored for different requirements. This means that whatever your needs, size of business or industry, we will find the perfect solution.