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Cobana Energy will ensure you receive the best customer service experience. If a complaint is received, we will ensure complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Please provide us with your name and full business details; including your telephone number, email address and a detailed account of your concerns and the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

Complaints Handling Process

At each of the below stages, we will endeavour to resolve your concerns within 5 working days.

Stage 1: Cobana Energy receives your complaint this can be via telephone, letter, or email. If we require further time to investigate, we will still contact you to keep you updated.

Stage 2: if you remain dissatisfied with the resolution provided, we escalate this to our head of customer care who will review the complaint and update you with an outcome.

At every stage of the complaint Cobana Energy’s commitment is to provide continuous improvement. Once a complaint has been resolved Cobana Energy will ensure the customer is provided with detailed of the findings along with a goodwill gesture or compensation if necessary.

If you continue to remain dissatisfied with the response of our Head of customer care or we fail to contact you after 8 weeks of your complaint, you can escalate the complaint to the Ombudsman services. The Ombudsman service is impartial and free for our customers to use.

Contact details for Ombudsman Services

Contact Details

We're always happy to help. Fill out this form if you need any assistance, have an enquiry or would like to make a complaint. We take all queries very seriously and aim to respond within 5 working days after we receive a written enquiry.